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Products/Services (Project Group)

  • Fire Detection, Alarm & Protection System
    • Automatic Fire Hydrant, Sprinkler & Spray System.
    • Automatic/Manual Foam Fire Extinguishing System.
    • Gas Based Fire Fighting System viz. Clean Agent Based NN100 system from NOHMI Bosai Ltd.,JAPAN and High Pressure total flooding type Carbon dioxide system, Gas Suppression system.
    • Conventional & Microprocessor based Fire Detection & Alarm System.
    • Air Sampling Somke Detection System.
    • Fire Extinguishers.
  • Piping(LP & HP) System
    • LPG/Propane, Piping at bottling plant and complete LPG/Propane Installation with Unloading,Storage & Distribution facilities.
    • Utility Piping System for various services required for a plant,e.g. Raw water Cooling Water, Circulation Water System, Natural Gas System etc.
    • Steam and Condensate Piping.
  • Liquid Fuel Oil Handling System
    • Fuel Oil Unloading, Storage and Transfer System.
    • Fuel forwarding Pumps and Distribution system.
    • Petroleum Product (NAPTHA/MS/SKO etc.)
    • Piping for Oil Installation.
    • Oil Purification and Handling System.
    • Electric / Steam Tracing System.


  • Water & Waste Water Management System
    • Construction of Underground & Elevated Service Reservoirs & Pump house.
    • Pumping & Distribution System.
    • Electrical Substation and Distribution.
    • Sewage Collection & Treatment Plant.
BOP Bussiness

Engineering Division has the proven capability to handle [on EPC/ LSTK basis] wide range of BOP for Thermal Power Plants. The division’s core team of  skilled Engineers & CAD operators is an unquestionable asset, equipped to handle, Civil/Structural Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation functions besides Strong Project and Construction management as part of the EPC set up. 

The Team is experienced and continues to hone its skills in its focused vertical. It is capable of undertaking BOP for Thermal power plants covering varied systems wide with corresponding electrical and instrumentation supply / installation.  


The scope of services provided by UML are summarized as below:

  • Basic Engineering, Selection of appropriate systems, preparation of preliminary layout, submission of initial proposal with price Break-up etc.
  • Detailed Engineering, preparation of detailed drawings, preparation of Bill of Materials etc.
  • Approval from statutory bodies, as applicable.
  • Project Management
  • Procurement of equipment and all other related items etc (both indigenous or imported) required for the project as per the agreed time schedule.
  • Quality Surveillance and Inspection of Materials.
  • Erection, Testing, Commissioning and handing over.
  • Operation and Maintenance assistance after handing over as required.


Project Group is expanding to implement Projects on EPC mode in Hydrocarbon and Oil & Gas Sectors. Acquiring technology in manufacturing of critical equipment such as Oil/Gas separators, Desalters, Deaerators etc. will be focus for immidate future.


UML has executed a number of projects which have been successfully commissioned to the entire satisfaction of its customers. UML has worked for the following industrial installations:

  • Thermal Power Generation Station.
  • Oil Refineries.
  • Hydro-electric Power Stations.
  • Oil Storage Terminals.
  • LPG/Propane Bottling Plants.
  • Automobile Manufacturing facilities.
  • Sub-Stations / HVDC Station.
  • Confectionery plants.
  • Warehouse.
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex
  • Petrochemical Plants.